Miele RX1 Scout Robotic Vacuum

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    High-end vacuum maker Miele has finally jumped into the robot vacuum market. As is typical for their products, the Miele Scout RX1 has a premium price tag but that gets you high-end build quality and performance to back it up.

    The Scout RX1 includes seven infrared sensors, a digital camera, and even a gyroscope to make for smarter cleaning. Unlike many other robot vacuums that simply change direction when they sense a wall or object in the way, the Miele maps the room completely before determining the ideal cleaning route. It’s also capable of pausing its cycle in order to go back to recharge when needed, and then resume cleaning once it is chargedall without any input.

    The intelligence of this vacuum makes it fully capable of avoiding furniture, objects, or falling down stairs. The Scout RX1 can run for about two hours on a single charge, and comes with several operating modes. These include an auto mode for cleaning all surfaces, a dedicated corner mode, a sport mode (keeps the vacuum constrained to a six sq. ft. area), and a turbo mode to cut cleaning time in half.

    A remote control is included, and the vacuum can be programmed to work on a schedule. Performance is excellent on all floor surfaces, sucking up dust, dirt, and pet hair. As with all robot vacuums, the dust bin is quite small and needs to be emptied often. However, the Miele Scout RX1 runs quiet and performs extremely well.Rating: 4.25/5

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